FMS Events 2020

Piggly Wiggly Birmingham Jan. 7-8 Birmingham, AL  
MDI Food Show Jan. 14-15 Hickory, NC  

VMC (Spring) Feb. 4-6 Overland Park, KS  
Affiliated Amarillo Board Meeting Feb. 6 Amarillo, TX  
NGA Show Feb. 22-25 San Diego, CA  

IGA Global Rally 2020 Mar. 9-11 Nashville, TN  
C&S Food Show Mar. 15-17 Reno, NV  
AWG Showcase Mar. 23-25 Kansas City, KS  
2020 AWG Innovation Showcase and Annual Meeting Mar. 23-25 Overland Park, KS  

FMS Annual Client Conference Apr. 14 Fort Lauderdale, FL  
C&S Tech Expo Apr. 22 Sacramento, CA  
Retail Services Innovation Expos – West Region Apr. 22-23 Lincoln, CA  
Affiliated Foods Amarillo Show Apr. 23 Amarillo, TX  
Washington Food Industry Connect Apr. 23 Seattle, WA  
Grocery & Specialty Food West Trade Show Apr. 27-28 Vancouver, BC  
MDI Show Apr. 29-30 Myrtle Beach, SC  

WAFC Convention May 3-5 Palm Desert, CA  
Piggly Wiggly Birmingham May 12-13 Birmingham, AL  
Retail Services Innovation Expos – Central Region May 19 Houston, TX  

DCI Annual Summit Jun. 16 Toronto, ON  
PFMA 2020 Annual Conference Jun. 23-24 Philadelphia, PA  

GFIA 2020 Convention Jul. 15-18 Sawgrass, FL  
Carolina Food Industry Council (CFIC) Jul. 19-22 Myrtle Beach, SC  

VMC Fall Show Aug. 4-6 TBD  
C&S Foodshow Aug. 16-18 Reno, NV  
AWG Gulf Coast Food Show Aug. 18 Houston, TX  
MDI Show Aug. 18-19 Hickory, NC  
Affiliated Foods Show Aug. 20 Amarillo, TX  
AWG Great Lakes Food Show Aug. 26 TBD  

California Grocers Association Convention Sept. 27-29 Palm Springs, CA  

Retail Services Innovation Expos – East Region Oct. 6-7 Kings of Prussia, PA  
AWG Oklahoma City Food Show Oct. 9-10 Oklahoma City, OK  
AWG Nebraska Food Show Oct. 17-19 Omaha, NE  
Retail Services Innovation Expos – Hawaii Oct. 20 Kapolei, HI  
Grocery Innovations Canada Oct. 27-28 Toronto, ON  

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