20 Oct, 2020

3 Things Businesses Need to Know for 2021 Tax Planning

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Although cash flow may appear to be growing, expenditures will also be extended for future government liabilities. COVID-19 has created a unique environment not only for independent grocers but for businesses across industries. Independents have done an excellent job serving their communities and ensuring a safe environment for their employees and customers. As the world looks forward to a vaccine and a return to some [...]

14 Oct, 2020

Lax Antitrust Enforcement of Power Buyers Has Exacerbated Supply Chain Challenges

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made the grocery supply chain literally a kitchen table issue for most Americans.  Inconsistent supply has laid bare the issue of economic discrimination in the grocery marketplace.  High demand consumer products like paper, cleaning supplies, and popular packaged food - both branded and private-label -are being diverted to the largest volume retailers at the expense of independent grocers and others in [...]

28 Sep, 2020

Food for Thought on Increased Minimum Wage

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Independent grocers have experienced a rise in sales during the pandemic, but this increase doesn’t come without a cost. [Last updated on September 30th, 2020] How can an increase in minimum wage impact employers and employees? This is a question that we look to answer. Though sales have remained above the 2019 baseline number, the uptick in sales doesn’t come without a cost. Independent retailers [...]

12 Aug, 2020

2019 Performance Enabled Independent Grocer Success Amid Pandemic

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Study Finds 2019 Investments in E-commerce, Store Development, Labor and Communities Were Crucial to Pandemic Response Fort Lauderdale, FL (August 12, 2020) —   The 2020 edition of the Independent Grocers Financial Survey, a joint study between the National Grocers Association (NGA) and FMS Solutions, labels the 2019 performance as a solid year for independents. “Independent grocers started to see positive trends pre-pandemic, which is [...]

20 Jul, 2020

Conducting A Physical Inventory To Avoid Stock-Outs

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The pandemic has placed a lot of pressure on brick-and-mortar retail, including independent grocery stores. When state and local governments issued stay-at-home orders in mid-March to limit the coronavirus spread, grocers saw their shelves cleared out as a result of shoppers' panic-buying. With the rising pressure of achieving optimal operational efficiency during these exceptional times, retailers must be able to achieve near-perfect inventory accuracy. Inaccurate [...]