26 Aug, 2019

Everything Looks Better When You Modernize Your Store, Including Your Sales

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Shoppers are looking for more than convenience, service, and price – they’re looking for a memorable shopping environment. The modern grocery shopper has evolved considerably under recent social and economic pressures, and the competitive stores need to evolve as well. Chains like Trader Joe's are raising the bar on the in-store experience and traditional supermarkets have to do more than ever to compete for consumers [...]

26 Aug, 2019

4 Strategies to Promote Your Private Label

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Why is it important for retailers to watch their price image in a competitive environment? With consumer budgets getting squeezed and competition from all and new directions, grocery shoppers are looking for discounts and bargains. Whether they are watching a morning show or local news programs, consumers are being told how to save at the grocery store by shopping smarter. Traditional and digital media [...]

21 May, 2019

3 Ways to Reduce Shrink in Retail

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Managing inventory shrink is just one more obstacle independent grocers face in protecting their bottom line. Without proper shrink management, your profits could either be spoiling on the shelves or walking out the door.  How to reduce shrink in retail? While frustrating– shrink can never be completely eliminated - but some retailers are doing a better job at reducing it, and it’s showing in their [...]

16 Apr, 2019

Being a “Green Business” Can Mean Green in Your Pocket

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Conserving our natural resources and protecting the Earth is becoming the responsibility of every individual not only of the "green business". Consumers are becoming more aware of social initiatives. Thus, they’re willing to pay more for products and services with an ethical incentive. A “green” mentality can become a competitive advantage for your business, especially in a time where social responsibility has become a top [...]

19 Mar, 2019

5 Benefits Of Online Accounting Solutions For Retailers

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Accounting is one of the most principal departments of any business; therefore, must be managed proficiently. As an independent retail grocer, your Retail Accounting/ Financials hold the key to optimizing the performance of your operation. Yet, you may lack the technology needed to utilize your financials to their maximum potential. Online accounting solutions help you identify which pieces of financial data are actually significant, highlight [...]