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18 Feb, 2021

FMS Solutions Announces Investment Partnership with New Heritage

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BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--New Heritage Capital, a Boston-based private equity firm, is pleased to announce a new investment partnership with FMS Solutions, a leading provider of SaaS-based business process outsourcing services to independent grocers and other multi-unit retailers. FMS’s comprehensive range of solutions enable its 5,000+ retailer customers to run more efficient operations. Read the rest of the release from the Business Wire.

6 Nov, 2020

Reflecting On The Supermarket Industry In 2020 And What Lies Ahead

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For the supermarket industry in the U.S., the year 2020 will be recorded as one of the best in terms of sales. The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has ironically been a determining factor in these results, said Bob Graybill, president, and CEO, FMS Solutions, reflecting on the state of the industry and expectations of what might happen in 2021. Read the rest of [...]

23 Sep, 2020

FMS Augmented Contribution to NGA Foundation Scholarships This Year

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The NGA Foundation has revealed the recipients of its 2020 scholarship program. This year, 18 students aspiring to careers in the grocery industry received scholarships. Our president and CEO, Robert Graybill, expanded this year’s contributions for scholarships. FMS provided an additional $8,000 to endow four scholarships for the children of law enforcement officers. Earlier this year, FMS also revealed the two recipients of the John [...]

17 Aug, 2020

Independent Grocers Built on 2019 Gains to Win in Pandemic

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The 2020 Financial Survey found that independent grocers have fared well generally amid the coronavirus crisis. This is partially due to the strategic investments they made in 2019. “Independent grocers started to see positive trends pre-pandemic, which is a great sign of the strengthening,” noted Robert Graybill, CEO and president of Florida-based FMS, an accounting solutions firm that works exclusively with the retail grocery industry. [...]

12 Nov, 2019

Does the gig economy have a future in grocery stores?

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On-demand labor is now an integral part of e-commerce and promises to fill stocking, merchandising and other jobs, but high turnover could check its lofty ambitions. Earlier this year, e-commerce provider Shipt issued an invitation to its contract workers: Come to headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, meet our executives and talk about your jobs. One thousand individuals paid their way to the southern city in April and [...]