Shoppers are looking for more than convenience, service, and price – they’re looking for a memorable shopping environment.

The modern grocery shopper has evolved considerably under recent social and economic pressures, and the competitive stores need to evolve as well. Chains like Trader Joe’s are raising the bar on the in-store experience and traditional supermarkets have to do more than ever to compete for consumers during the next decade and beyond.

In the book The Experience Economy, authors Joseph Pine II and James Gilmore suggest we have entered an age when consumers expect an “experience” when they shop. Having good products and excellent service is no longer enough. Consumers want to feel pleasurable sensations and emotions when they shop. They want it to be memorable.

“If your store is recognizably similar to what it was 25 years ago, I think you are in trouble,” said John Rand, Director of Retail Insight at the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Management Ventures Inc.

Many stores are modernizing according to evolving customer tastes. Some are offering beautiful indoor and outdoor cafe seating areas, free Wi-Fi, natural lighting, and kid-friendly zones. What’re the bottom lines? Appearance is more important than ever.

Stores need to keep up with these consumer trends.

Stores need to provide a clean, fresh shopping environment. It’s important to keep up with the store’s declining appearance due to age. No part of store ages as noticeably and rapidly as the columns. They take a beating and denigrate a store’s overall appearance.

Every store owner knows that as their store ages his or her sales will decline. But the cost of a store remodel is a major investment, which prevents most stores from investing capital in improving their store’s appearance for as long as possible.

Column Wraps are an inexpensive and quick way to improve your store’s appearance and prevent declining sales.

Article provided by Pan-Oston

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