Improved Labor Saver features several enhancements, and new features

[Fort Lauderdale, June 26, 2019] — FMS is proud to present a new release for its time management tools. The Version 5 release contains new program enhancements and program modifications to the FMS Labor Saver application.

“These enhancements were a direct result of client feedback and input,” assured Jon Cline, VP of Client Support at FMS. “Our team has worked the past months in developing a design to improve the functionality of the FMS system.”

The updated version of Labor Saver is available immediately and provides users with many new and improved features, including a new “Holiday” tab on the main navigation bar and a new option to toggle PTO calculations on and off.

New enhancements include:

  • New “Holiday” page allows clients to select their chain holidays from a list
  • Ability to delete store budgets and department schedules
  • Faster loading and a progress bar for the timesheet page
  • New option to limit time-off requests to avoid overlaps with attendance records.
  • Access to a consolidated list of active and inactive employees

In addition to these core optimizations, this new version includes other improvements to schedules, budgets, and financial reports.

For more information about FMS Labor Saver, please contact Stan McClintock at or 877.435.9400.

For inquiries about the changes documented in this release, please contact FMS Support at