FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, July 2, 2021 – It is with great excitement we announce the addition of GOT Systems, a Kansas Company, to the FMS Family.

GOT Systems idea was born in the 1980’s.  Sam Levine, a second-generation owner of a grocery store in Missouri, realized he did not have the tools he needed to manage his store.  As a result, he engaged a programmer to develop those tools, and soon learned that other retailers desired and needed those tools to grow and thrive in the uber-competitive grocery industry.  He has continued to grow the offerings to meet the needs of the independent grocer.

Robert Graybill, President and CEO of FMS Solutions, stated , “I look forward to working with Sam and his team.  GOT has a very similar culture of serving and helping the independent grocery community which is directly in line with FMS’s philosophy and culture”

FMS Solutions has been focused on the independent retailer’s success for over four decades, and the mission of GOT Systems, to help independents increase their profitability and operations, falls in line with our company’s mission of Helping Retailers Succeed.  The founder Sam Levine has been working with independents for over 30 years and evolving his offerings to meet the current day needs of independents across the US.  As a technology-based company, GOT Systems will bring additional team members and support to FMS to help us continue to expand our offerings.  In turn, FMS will provide additional capital resources to grow the offerings to existing and new GOT customers.

Sam Levine, President of GOT Systems shared “With FMS and Bob’s dedication and resources, I felt this event would help GOT expand on its offerings and services for the independent retailers, while preserving the culture I hold so close.  This step will help move both GOT Systems and FMS Solutions to a whole new level”

GOT Systems allows FMS to expand its offerings with Shrink and Markdown tools, Ordering, product mix optimization, Grind Logs, and more.  GOT Systems is helping move FMS closer to its strategic goal of a single seamless solution for grocers across North America and the Caribbean.

FMS Solutions Holdings LLC (FMS) — Since 1974, FMS has helped independent retail grocers succeed by transforming historic accounting activities into timely, accurate decision support tools. The company’s keen understanding of the challenges the industry faces has positioned it as the National Grocers Association’s (NGA) preferred provider of industry benchmarking, best practices and mission-critical decision support. FMS services organizations in more than 5,000 locations across North America, and the Caribbean, enabling them to improve profitability through better decision support.