FMS has launched a more contemporary design of their website, more content, and enhanced navigation

[Fort Lauderdale, Florida –– June 2019] FMS Solutions announced the launch of its newly redesigned website with more contemporary aesthetics and improved user experience. The site includes an overall refreshed look and feel to provide a more engaging experience and simplified navigation to help our visitors quickly find the information they need. The previous website was more focused on selling, and although they have made improvements to help customers locate and understand the services, they want their visitors to more easily see the breadth of solutions provided.

Now, visitors can more easily subscribe to the weekly Pulse for benchmarking data and industry updates. The resources section of the website will provide users with access to the FMS Best Practices Toolbox, industry publications, and webinars.

“We redesigned the site with our clients in mind. Improving the web experience and making the search easier enhances the experience for everyone. As we see an increase in website visitors and content consumption, we look forward to feedback and other exciting initiatives to come,” said Mariie Velez, Marketing Manager at FMS.

Going forward, we will continue to communicate regularly through our blog section and provide new articles. We also plan to keep adding more video content and product information to give clients and prospects all of the information they need to evaluate our products and services.