Jon Cline, Chief Operating Officer

Jon joined FMS in 2009. He has been instrumental in overseeing the company’s impressive growth and geographic expansion since joining the FMS team. FMS has during Jon’s tenure expanded its presence in the west coast, opening a regional office in Portland, Oregon. Additionally, the company commenced servicing clients in Canada. Jon joined FMS from Supervalu where he was Vice President of Assistant Controller Supply Chain. He enjoyed a wide span of experiences during his nearly 30 years of grocery industry experience including product manufacturing, a grocery wholesaler, and retail in professional capacities including accounting, finance, treasury, planning, credit, internal audit, sales, marketing, logistics, procurement, and consulting.

His professional experience has been earned in companies that varied from very small to Fortune 500 and with very successful organizations as well as in dire financial condition. A large portion of Jon’s career has involved working at retail (beginning in high school and working through college) as well as working with retailers through their wholesale affiliation.

Additionally, Jon spent nearly a decade interfacing with retailers in a DSD capacity (Tree of Life). Accordingly, he has critical experience with the retail operation from the back door to front end systems as well as the back office. This experience has enabled Jon to work with retailers served by FMS to better understand their financial results and effectuate change and improve their results via the FMS services suite. Jon is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma.