Accounting Applications

FMS offers a premier suite of powerful integrated software solutions that give you a 360-degree view of how is your business performing in all your accounting processes.

Tools That Make Your Accounting Operations Effortless

• Automate employee information management
• Reduce overhead
• Comprehensive employee data retention
• Direct deposit
• Comprehensive reporting
• General ledger integration
• PPACA reporting
• Imaging to case accessing key employee document
• Time clock and labor scheduling
• Employee portal access for checklists and year-end tax documents

• Structured for individual preferences
• Reduce the need for paper records with imaging
• Easily access complete customer information
• Automated transaction management

• Record deals as they happen
• Minimize entry errors
• Capture transactions from all sources

• Capture data automatically or enter just once
• 100% retail-specific
• Retail inventory accounting

• Reduce posting errors
• Easily access complete vendor information
• Online reporting available
• ACH payments
• Imaging of invoices or contracts and other documents

• Reconciliation of all cleared transactions, open deposits, and open checks
• Matching bank reconciliation balances
• Cash reporting

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