Document Imaging

Go Paperless and Save Time, Space and Hassle

  • Reduce the use of space

  • Ease of access to information

  • Improve security

  • Waste fewer resources

  • Off-site storage back-up

Frequently Asked Questions:

Document imaging is simply using a PC based scanner digitalize your paper invoices, payroll, employees’ documents, contracts, general ledger documents, and AR statements. Simply turn them into an image. These images are then attached to a transaction in the FMS Focus Software for retrieval at a future date.

We recommend that you retain the paper invoices for 60 days after the receipt of product or service. This will help ensure if an image was not scanned, it can be retrieved and scanned. Any lack of scanning would most likely be discovered before 60 days, but the time allows an extra barrier, just in case. In addition, there are other internal controls that will prevent this from occurring.

Simply print the image from the screen or email them the image as a .TIF file.

The software was designed to function optimally with the scanner we have listed. FMS cannot support scanner equipment issues.

We recommend that you use the scanner only for items relating to your accounts payable, general ledger, payroll, HR, and AR modules.

We recommend that you purchase a service agreement so that you do not experience long-term interruptions.

The costs will vary depending upon your needs, but here are some considerations:
– Number of images scanned per day
– Number of locations with scanners
– Number of computers with access to images
– On-site training or remote training

Your specific costs will be:
– Purchasing a scanner
– Maintenance agreement
– Training
– Storage costs of data

The cost savings are:
– Research time
– Storage time
– Office space
– Mobility
– Financial Audit Costs
– Ease of auditing AP and reviewing invoices

The setup of document imaging depends on many factors. The most important of which is whether or not you currently maintain a site-to-site VPN connection to the FMS server. If not, the setup will be delayed contingent on the VPN up and running.

Overall the average setup for Document Imaging is about 30 days from Demo to Go Live.

FMS will provide online web training for each function of Document Imaging: Scanning, Indexing, and Retrieval. You will also be provided with step-by-step documentation.