Paperless Pay Cards

There are nearly 68 million unbanked or underbanked employees in the U.S. alone.

Why are pay cards better than cash and checks?

Four million paychecks are lost or stolen each year.* Pay cards make it easier for employees by delivering funds into an easily accessible account and for employers by simplifying their payroll.

For Employees:

  • More time: Funds are deposited directly into their
    account, giving them easy access to their money.
  • More savings: Electing the service can save
    consumers between $150-$200/year**.
  • More options: Consumers can deposit all or a
    portion of their wages.
  • More Control: Consumers can only spend what is
    available in their account, avoiding overdraft fees.

For Employers:

  • Simplicity: Streamline payment delivery process
    and administration by reducing reliance on company
    issued paper checks.
  • Savings: Reduce costs associated with delivery
    and replacement of company-issued paper checks.
  • Same-day Payments: Provides an efficient way to
    comply with state laws which require same day pay to terminated employees.

Why Money Network?

Money Network helps companies simplify and optimize their payroll process while reducing their administration costs. Employees and contract workers also benefit from a solution that helps them easily manage their finances. The Money Network® Service includes a Money Network® Card, Money Network® Checks and an innovative mobile app with features like:

Piggy Bank
Check Deposit
Person to Person Transfers

Additional offerings to further streamline your payroll administration:

Direct Check
Instant Payment Solution
Inventory Management Service
ACH Origination
Tip to Card